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Autumn Harvest Workshop - Willow Street Yoga - Silver Spring MD – Oct 26th 2019


As we enter Autumn, we harvest the growth of Spring and Summer and, like the trees, bring our energy inward to lighten up and release old “leaves” we no longer need.

Autumn is the most potent season for intuition and vision and is associated with the Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In this workshop, we will focus on rejuvenating and invigorating the Organs and Meridians (energy channels) of the Metal Element – the Lungs and Intestines and the transmutation of their negative emotional characteristics.

The Metal energy of Autumn is an expression of new Yin. We will balance the Yin nature of gentle, cleansing asana stretches and breathwork with complementary Yang practices, whilst using meditation, journeying, and deep inward listening to open to our intuitive gifts.

Students of all levels welcome.

Time: 4pm – 7pm
Date: Saturday Oct 26th 2019

Life as a mirror - Exploring and embracing our wholeness - The Mindfulness Center - Bethesda MD – Oct 19th 2019

Part of a series of Spiritual Development Workshops

Life experience is inherently relational. Our interactions and relationships with others provide structure, meaning and context for our lives and are the bedrock of our implicit beliefs and conditioning. For better or worse, this conditioning influences our actions and behaviors, often as an unconscious undercurrent operating in the background. In the search for connection and belonging, we often unwittingly hide or disown parts of ourselves, thinking it will keep us safe, loved, and accepted, while building a fortress around our hearts. These hidden, vulnerable, disowned aspects are our Shadow, which is often at the root of our discord with others.

Do you find yourself overreacting in a way that is disproportionate to a given situation? Are you repeating destructive patterns or making the same mistakes, over and over again?

This workshop, which is part of a series of explorations aimed at bringing spirituality to life, will focus on wholeness and the ways that other people, experiences, and challenges can act as a mirror for ourselves. By honestly looking in the mirror, it reveals our light and dark, offering rich opportunities for healing. Join Aurora Hutchinson and James Foulkes as we witness and embrace the totality of ourselves, including our Shadow, gently mining its depths to reveal its healing gifts. Through yoga and other movement practices, meditation and inquiry, you will discover more about yourself, and be offered tools to begin the journey towards appreciating the conditioning underlying our assumptions, projections and judgments so that we may work with, and connect more effectively with ourselves and others. Bring an open heart and mind to this process of inquiry as we collectively deepen our inner work!

In this workshop, you will explore:
• Witnessing reactivity as it arises with self-reflection and non-judgment.
• Recognizing our conditioning to mitigate its influence on behavior.
• Embracing our Shadow.
• Understanding the importance of transparent communication that shifts blame to resolution.
• Practices that support integration through a grounded sense of wholeness.

Cost: $100
Open to All Levels
Space is Limited. Register Now!