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Winter Warmer Workshop - Willow Street Yoga - Silver Spring MD – Feb 29th 2020


During the Winter Months our energies tend to naturally be drawn inwards as nature becomes still and the cold weather and long nights draw in.

But something deeper is at work.

The Water energy of Winter is an expression of Maximum Yin and Responsiveness. We will balance the Yin nature of the gentle cleansing stretches and breathwork with complementary Yang practices, whilst using meditation, to support the sustaining of our energetic field through the colder months working with the active kidney and bladder energy.

This time is also one of incubating ideas and intentions to manifest in the Spring.

We will establish multi-layered intentions to blossom in the forthcoming year by peering into the shadows of Winter through journeying.

Students of all levels welcome.

Time: 4pm – 7pm
Date: Saturday Feb 29th 2020

Rediscovering Presence - The Mindfulness Center - Bethesda MD – Mar 21st 2020


This workshop will be another fascinating collaboration between myself and meditation teacher and Reiki Master Aurora Hutchinson and is part of a series of spiritual development workshops that we’ve been working on. Previous offerings were “Transcending the Roles we play”, “Cultivating Intuition” and “Life as a mirror – Working with the shadow”.

In this workshop we will learn about the aliveness of presence, what stops us from being present what levels of awareness can enhance presence and a variety of explorations to bring us direct experience.

Students of all levels welcome.

Time: Noon – 3pm
Date: Saturday Mar 21st 2020

Nature Guides - Working with the Spiritual Aspects of Trees - Rock Creek Park - Washington DC – Mar 22nd 2020


This workshop will be with dear friend and fellow healing arts practitioner Tania Lanning Golovosky and will be an exploration of practicing in nature and connecting with our allies, the trees.

For millennia, humans have worked with trees for many purposes, including physical/ mental/ emotional and spiritual health. The druids of the British Isles and the Daoists of ancient china are examples of advanced spiritual communities that utilized trees in their spiritual work.

We will explore a variety of practices that help us to develop our relationships with these sentient beings and utilize their presence in our own energetic rebalancing.

Students of all levels welcome.

Time: 10am - 1pm AM
Date: Sunday Mar 22nd 2020

Transcending the Impediments to Progress in Yoga - Zen Center - Athens, Greece – May 23rd & 24th 2020


This workshop will be with wonderful Yoga practitioner Alexandra Sotiropoulou.

Many of us find it initially challenging to develop a sustainable daily practice. And yet it is possible and in fact vital if we are to grow our spiritual maturity.

Without a daily practice, the deeper, richer benefits of yoga are rarely reached.

But what blocks us from finding that regular commitment to self care and personal inner work each day?

In classical yoga, 9 impediments (Antarayas) to practice are discussed by Yogic Sage Patanjali.

By becoming aware of these, we can in some sense see what lies ahead on the path. This enables us to be kind to ourselves and not take things too seriously when we get derailed.Students of all levels welcome.

Time: 10am - 5pm Each Day
Date: Sunday May 23rd and 24th 2020

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