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Transcending the roles we play - Spring Workshop – Mar 23rd – 12-3pm – Mindfulness Center, Bethesda MD

I’m excited to be doing a collaborative workshop with fellow healing arts enthusiast, Meditation Teacher and Reiki practitioner, Aurora Hutchinson.

This workshop will be focused on becoming aware of the roles that we play in lives.We all play different roles depending upon the situation. Father, Mother, Daughter, Son , Husband, Wife, Teacher, Office Worker and so many others. Many of these roles have specific stress factors that we can begin to tune in to.

How do we identify what impact these roles are playing on us and what steps can we take to begin to address the impact they might be having?

Using Yoga, Meditation and enquiry, attendees will discover more about themselves and their patterns and be given tools to explore coming back to center to find out who they are underneath their roles and responsibilities.

To Book:

For more information, contact the mindfulness center.

301 986 1090

Spring Expansion Workshop – Apr 13th 2019 - 4-7pm (Willow Street Yoga - Silver Spring, MD)
As the days become warmer and brighter, nature rouses from her winter slumber and looks ahead to the new growth of Spring. This is the season to plant seeds for a future harvest and determine our direction and action for the coming expansive months. Focussed intent enhances our ability to envision possibilities and weave our dreams.

The Wood energy of Spring is an expression of life and growth at its strongest. To balance the Yin nature of the gentle cleansing stretches and breathwork, we will explore a variety of dynamic sequences - expansive and opening movements with a vigorous and stimulating approach; embodying a surge of rising energy like the dandelion whose growing edge can burst through concrete if it must.

Willow Street Yoga – Silver Spring
Saturday Apr 13th 2019


Return – Unify Consciousness Retreat- Cocoa Beach, Florida – May 15-19th 2019


I’m also excited to be involved in a collaborative retreat project.
I’ll be teaching on the Unify Consciousness Retreat in Florida from May 15th – 19th.

This retreat, on a beautiful beachfront location in Florida, will be hosted by a number of experienced healing arts practitioners and will be specifically geared to those who are aiming to develop or enhance their own personal practice.

For more information on this retreat, please follow the link below or take a look at the attached flyer.



Spring Sugarloaf Walk - Meditation and Qi Gong - Dickerson MD – April 28th 2019