Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Work is a subtle hands on approach with many effects on the human being as a whole.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

beach fu

Chinese traditional martial arts are centuries old mind-body exercises that lead to improved physical conditioning and well-being, as well as heightened mental concentration, confidence and focus. Their practice improves memory, mood, balance, and strength.

Although originally developed as a self defense system, for which it is highly effective, the art was developed in monastery settings by enlightened individuals with higher objectives than defeating opponents.

  • Tai Chi - A style of Internal Kung Fu practised Martially and for Health/ Self Development.
  • Qi Gong - Energy Work both dynamic and static
  • Styles of Kung Fu split broadly into Internal And External Styles

Yoga Therapy

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga approach is revolutionary in relation to the way yoga is being taught in the West.