Fire Dragon Meridian Qi Gong

Sat, September 17, 2022

Teal Center, Arlington, Virginia

Fire Dragon Meridian Qi Gong - from the Esoteric Mount Emei tradition.

Meridians are the energy pathways which form the basis of the energetic map in Chinese medicine. This form harnesses the power of the fire dragon to support overall health and wellness, through optimizing meridian health.

This form is considered one of the most effective for supporting health by removing energetic blockages and stagnation to enable free flow of energy through the body. Qi Gong generally, and Fire Dragon specifically, can therefore be a central and practical central part of working with ourselves to address many different health conditions and disease processes and find a way towards optimal health and well being.

Utilizing movement, self massage and visualization this form employs some of the key components of classical shamanic Dao.